Stupidity of Intelligence

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Ever thought of what happens to your Common Sense when you speak out something odd or crazy and become a laughing stock in public?

Ever imagined how your image of being branded as the ÔÇśBest SpeakerÔÇÖ amongst your friend and foes, suddenly gets tarnished when you behave silly?

The incidents described above are mainly caused as and when your prowess to think fails! And this book is all about this and lot more. By reading this book you will come to know why and how stupidity strikes the human conscience, and makes you think and look foolish. It further explains how you can become wiser by examining a situation critically, and come out with a well-reasoned conclusion in any given scenario.

So, if you are intelligent, read the book and Sharpen your Intellect. And if you want to become one, read the book To be Wise!