Talent Show

Autor: Martin, Tracy

Disponibilitate: LIVRARE IN 3-5 SAPTAMANI (produsul este livrat din Marea Britanie)

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Descriere RO

Six friends; Squirrel, Bumble, William, Flora, Matilda and Bernard embark on a journey through a forest, across woodland, fields and miles of open space to reach a neighbouring forest called ‘Dark Side Edge’.

The purpose is to take part in a talent competition organised by a badger called George. Forest animals have come from far and wide to join one another and compete for a trip to Wonderworld.

The six friends, joined by Flora’s brother Pierre from France, work together to create a great stage act. They make their own costumes, paint a trailer and rehearse until it’s perfected.

They encounter a sly fox called Harry en route and the even more frightening Jackson Clan highway wolves.

Join Squirrel, Bumble and the rest of the gang in this truly wonderful adventure.