Teach It the Write Way: Healthy Letters for a Healthy Mind

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Each letter has unique personality traits just like you. The first letter of a name represents "success," the fifth letter represents "health" and the sixth letter represents "warning." Learn more about the power of the handwriting and brain connection as it relates to thoughts, behaviors and academic success including those considered Special Needs. Author is 30 year Forensic Handwriting Expert with a doctorate level education and decades of field experience in psychology. She knows the importance of healthy handwriting instruction in public, private, and home schools. In 1987, she was the first in world history to create a combined handwriting & therapy curriculum which is a cognitive-behavioral, evidence-based program with an international 99.9% documented success rate which has caused a complete stop in juvenile crime rates since 2006. Use this book to reprogram the neurons in your brain. Other changes may occur such as relief of PTSD, depression, anxiety, emotional pain...