Textile Design

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This book includes fundamentals of textile processing technology with explanation of craft techniques, various stages of processing fibres and yarns with useful, readily understandable, line drawings. Fibrous types, dyes, yarns and fabrics have been explained and material is supported by glossary and explanation of processing stages from fibre to finished fabric. Further, the considerations of relevance to the development and preparation of a design collection are outlined and discussed. Various testing procedures, including fibre, yarn and fabric identification methods, and important innovations in textile products and processing are identified and explained as well. Focused mainly on the needs of students specializing in textile or fashion design, at first year undergraduate university level, this book:

Covers all stages from fiber to finished fabric.

Discusses various stages of processing fibres and yarns.

Explains fibrous types, dyes, yarns and fabrics supported by relevant glossary.

Discusses explanations of both tactile and aesthetic appeal relating to clothing.