Today Tomorrow and Forever

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This is a true story that tells of fear, sorrow, love, laughter and tears, but above all, true happiness. Kate Abbotts has suffered for most of her life with debilitating phobias, none of which she has conquered; she has just learned to live with them. After the tragic deaths of her parents she had further heartache by losing her beloved husband, Michael, aged forty-seven years, and she was only forty-three years old. He had looked after her and cherished her since the day they had met. Suicidal and desperate to be with him, she knew that she had a further role to play in this life and that was to bring up the children that he had left behind. Her sorrow eventually turned to joy, but she had many heartaches to contend with along the way. May each one of you who read this book, enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you.