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Trailblazers: Stephen Hawking

Autor: Woolf, Alex

Disponibilitate: LIVRARE IN 2-4 SAPTAMANI (produsul este livrat din Marea Britanie)


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Bring history home and meet some of the world's greatest game changers! Get inspired by the true story of a famous scientist who changed our understanding of physics forever. This biography series is for kids who loved Who Was? and are ready for the next level.

In 1974, Stephen Hawking shook the world of physics. His theory on black holes went against everything the science community accepted as fact. How did he make such revolutionary discoveries? From a childhood spent building model airplanes to recognition as one of the greatest scientists of his time, Stephen's genius and endless curiosity powered his work. Find out how this boy who loved science became one of history's greatest trailblazers!

Trailblazers is a biography series that celebrates the lives of amazing pioneers, past and present, from all over the world. Get inspired by more Trailblazers: Neil Armstrong, Jackie Robinson, Jane Goodall, Harriet Tubman, Albert Einstein, Beyonc�, and Simone Biles. What kind of trail will you blaze?

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AutorWoolf, Alex
Dimensiuni132 x 193 x 13
Data Publicarii05/05/2020
Numar pagini192
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