Transfer & Stitch: Butterflies, Bees & Bugs

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32 pages of unique butterfly, bee and bug designs that can be transferred to fabric and stitched.

Are you looking to add colourful hand-made touches to your clothes and accessories?

This collection of over 50 insect motifs - from traditional to whimsical - is a must-have source of design ideas for anyone who enjoys stitching. Simply choose a motif from one of the unique and beautiful stitched samplers, transfer it onto your chosen item using the corresponding iron-on transfer sheet, and you're ready to stitch!

The book includes:
* 32 stitched samplers, with over 50 embroidered designs to choose from
* 32 reusable iron-on transfer sheets
* Notes on the stitches and threads used to create each motif
* Guidance on materials, equipment and essential embroidery stitches
* inspirational project ideas