Transforming Management Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

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Transforming Management Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques redefines management practices using Artificial Intelligence by providing a new approach. It offers a detailed, well-illustrated treatment of each topic with examples and case studies and brings the exciting field to life by presenting a substantial and robust introduction to Artificial intelligence in a clear and concise manner.

It provides a deeper understanding of how the relevant aspects of Artificial Intelligence impact each other's efficacy for better output. It's a reliable and accessible one-stop resource that introduces AI, presents a full examination of applications, provides an understanding of the foundations, examines education powered by AI, entertainment, home and service robots, healthcare re-imagined, predictive policing, space exploration, and so much more, all within the realm of Artificial Intelligence.

This book will feature:

Uncovering new and innovative features of Artificial Intelligence and how it can help in raising economic efficiency at both micro and macro levels

Both the literature and practical aspects of Artificial Intelligence and its uses

Chapter summaries or key concepts at the end of each chapter to assist reader comprehension

Case studies of tried and tested approaches to resolutions of typical problems

Ideal for both teaching and general-knowledge purposes

This book will also simply the topic of Artificial Intelligence for the readers, aspiring researchers, and practitioners involved in management and computer science, so they can obtain a high-level of understanding of AI and managerial applications.