True Love's Invader

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Descriere RO

Clare and Alison Jenson, twins living in an Australian country town, are as different as night and day. Alison is quiet and loves reading by the lake or walking through the countryside. Clare is daring and ambitious; when she isn't tending to the animals on the farm, she's preparing for her dream career as a veterinary surgeon.

Neither woman has plans to fall in love, but when they have a chance encounter with two young men from Sydney, both sisters are drawn to one man, Daniel. They all go their separate ways, but as time passes and their lives change, the twins find themselves meeting up with Daniel when they move to Sydney to pursue their education and careers. Alison and Daniel become a couple, but Clare soon finds she can't keep away from him. Although Daniel loves both sisters, he knows he must choose, an act that may drive Alison and Clare apart forever. Can these three people ever find balance and happiness in love, in spite of the conflict that tears their lives apart?

In this novel, twin sisters fall in love with the same man, an event that will shake their trust in each other and disrupt their lives for years to come.