Type Project Book

Autor: French, Nigel

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Descriere RO

The Type Project Book brings together a collection of typographically-focused design projects for all beginning to intermediate-level graphic designers. Renowned design instructor Nigel French approaches each project from both technical and aesthetic points of view, showing the starting state and milestones along the way to the finished deliverable. Wherever appropriate, French discusses historical precedent and professional examples of meeting the same challenge. French describes the assets required and the software used, without presenting screenshots that may quickly become outdated. This guide's self-contained projects build on examples French first created in his popular courses for Lynda.com/LinkedIn Learning. Its extensively illustrated, attractive format will also appeal to users who just want to dip in and out for specific knowledge and skills. Ideal for independent self-study and exploration by working designers who want to expand their skills and build their portfolios, The Type Project Book has also been crafted to support graphic design students who need a strong foundation in typography.