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Ultrashort Electric Pulse Effects in Biology and Medicine

Autor: Beebe, Stephen; Joshi, Ravi; Schoenbach, Karl H.; Xiao, Shu

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This book presents an overview of the current state of research on ultrashort electric field pulses of high intensity and their use in biology and medicine. It examines in detail the most recent and exciting advances in how nanosecond and picosecond electric pulse research has grown and expanded into new areas of biology and medicine.

Further, the book specifically focuses on electric pulses in the time domain, on intracellular effects as opposed to plasma membrane electroporation, and highlights the biological and medical applications of these unique pulse effects. Since the authors were initial innovators exploring nanosecond and picosecond pulses, their unique perspectives foreshadowed directions the research took, expanding into new areas that they continue to investigate today.

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AutorBeebe, Stephen; Joshi, Ravi; Schoenbach, Karl H.; Xiao, Shu
EdituraSpringer Verlag, Singapore
Dimensiuni235 x 155
Data Publicarii11/10/2018
Numar pagini392
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Recenzati:Ultrashort Electric Pulse Effects in Biology and Medicine
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