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Un-making Environmental Activism

Autor: Rosenow, Doerthe

Disponibilitate: LIVRARE IN 2-4 SAPTAMANI (produsul este livrat din Marea Britanie)


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Much environmental activism is caught in a logic that plays science against emotion, objective evidence against partisan aims, and human interest against a nature that has intrinsic value. Radical activists, by contrast, play down the role of science in determining environmental politics, but read their solutions to environmental problems off fixed theories of domination and oppression. Both of these approaches are based in a modern epistemology grounded in the fundamental dichotomy between the human and the natural. This binary has historically come about through the colonial oppression of other, non-Western and often non-binary ways of knowing nature and living in the world. There is an urgent need for a different, decolonised environmental activist strategy that moves away from this epistemology, recognises its colonial heritage and finds a different ground for environmental beliefs and politics. This book analyses the arguments and practices of anti-GMO activists at three different sites - the site of science, the site of the Bt cotton controversy in India, and the site of global environmental protest - to show how we can move beyond modern/colonial binaries. It will do so in dialogue with Gilles Deleuze, Bruno Latour, Mar�a Lugones, and Gayatri C. Spivak, as well as a broader range of postcolonial and decolonial bodies of thought.

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AutorRosenow, Doerthe
EdituraTaylor & Francis Ltd
Dimensiuni241 x 162 x 17
Data Publicarii09/11/2017
Numar pagini140
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