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Wade Canyon, an Army veteran returns home to take over his father's trucking business after the recent death of his father. Wade crosses paths with a young attractive truck driver in a southern Idaho rest stop during a snow storm. She is kidnapped with her load. Wade decided he doesn't need that kind of attention, but can't resist helping the attractive female truck driver. Hijackings of U.S. nuclear materials is too frequent. Wade and Ruth make a good sleuthing couple that are excited to unearth a few mysteries. Ruth is secretly hot after Wade but Wade hasn't a clue, or maybe he's playing the game. The storyline is both a serious hunt for international answers and a love-hate relationship. Wade and Ruth learn to work well together as the story unfolds. They are lead to Long Beach which takes them on a ship, a most unusual freight carrier. Wade and Ruth encounter one unexpected situation after another. The mystery tattoos on a number of bad guys continues to baffle everyone. In the end, the harrowing experience draws Wade and Ruth closer. Black diamonds support the nuclear cartel but are it's own undoing.