Uniforms of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution and the Men who Wore Them: 1835-1836

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The notion has persisted far too long that the army of patriots that won Texas independence from Mexico in 1835-1836 was totally without uniforms, clad indifferently for the most part in rustic frontier garb. This was true for many, but by no means all. Surprisingly, there were uniformed Texas units in all of the major battles of the Texas Revolution from the first to the last: the siege of Bexar, the Alamo, Goliad (Coleto), and the final victory at San Jacinto. This new book by Bruce Marshall is a long overdue history of the uniforms of the Texas Revolution and the men who wore them. It will also reveal certain hitherto suppressed material from some who served, including the vast majority of the Texas officers, challenging the generally accepted historical version portraying the Texas commander, General Sam Houston, as a master strategist who, alone, deserved full credit for saving Texas.