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Visual Culture and Decolonisation in Britain

Autor: Ramamurthy, Anandi

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AutorRamamurthy, Anandi
EdituraTaylor & Francis Ltd
Dimensiuni245 x 170
Data Publicarii06/12/2020
Numar pagini276
First published in 2006, this volume provides the first in-depth analysis of the place of visual representations within the process of decolonisation during the period 1945 to 1970. The chapters trace the way in which different visual genres - art, film, advertising, photography, news reports and ephemera - represented and contributed to the political and social struggles over Empire and decolonisation during the mid-Twentieth century. The book examines both the direct visual representation of imperial retreat after 1945 as well as the reworkings of imperial and 'racial' ideologies within the context of a transformed imperialism. While the book engages with the dominant archive of artists, exhibitions, newsreels and films, it also explores the private images of the family album as well as examining the visual culture of anti-colonial resistance.

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