Water Resources of Turkey

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This book provides an in-depth description of water resources of Turkey. Turkey has a unique geographical location in the world, extending in-part from Europe to the Mediterranean and further to the Middle East. This means that its water resources also reflect diverse characteristics under varying geography, topography, hydrology, geology and climate among its water basins. Furthermore, due to its geographical location, Turkey has a significant number of transboundary river basins and has to share its water resources with her neighbors, an issue that sometimes may lead to water conflicts.

Turkey is also an interesting example as a developing country that tries to adapt to universal water management strategies but with legal, institutional, economic and capacity development problems. The country has long remained as a water-rich country but the situation is now to reversed problems of water scarcity due to increasing population, inefficient use of the resource, impacts of climate change and environmental degradation.

This book will be useful for national and international organizations as well as water resources professionals. It takes on an added significance under climate change in the region, water management problems and transboundary water basins.