Adventures of Super Sammy and Smiley Riley

Autor: Heraghty, Amy

Disponibilitate: LIVRARE IN 3-5 SAPTAMANI (produsul este livrat din Marea Britanie)

78.99 RON este o LIBRARIE online de carte in limba engleza.



Descriere RO

Sammy and Riley are two furry friends,

Come enter their world where the fun never ends…

Sammy is the oldest of this mischievous motley crew,

And Riley, he’s the cuter, younger one of the two.

Together combined, they’re one of a kind.

Sammy’s very clever, he’s a master mind.

When he sees an opportunity for fun to be had,

In the blink of an eye, he’s snout deep in something bad.

Riley gets fed up of his brother’s crazy crimes,

He’s witnessed Sammy tell lies too many times.

Sam reckons his little brother is just a cunning little pest…

But perhaps Riley’s not that innocent,

After all, he learns from the best!