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Apple Insider

Autor: Sullivan, C. T.

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“I really enjoyed this. C T Sullivan captures the spirit of New York City with all its many quirks and contradictions with wit and style. Apple Insider is a funny book, liberally peppered with comic gems and set-pieces, but it’s also strong on description. The setting is powerfully evoked, becoming almost a living presence ensuring the reader will feel they have made the trip with the author. Some stunning imagery and very fine writing make this a thoroughly entertaining read.” Susan Davis, prize-winning author and literary critic.

When Chris accompanies his wife Deborah on her three-month secondment to her New York office, it heralds ninety-one days of joy, frustrations and craziness. There, purely as ballast, he kept a journal of his experiences and observations whilst delving down into the colourful history of this iconic city.

As he uncovers Manhattan’s extraordinary history of surprises and seedy secrets, join him in his many adventures, from dicing with death in an elevator, entertaining a wacky wedding party and having a set-to with a mad traffic cop, to Deborah being arrested by airport security in Toronto.

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AutorSullivan, C. T.
EdituraPegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers
Dimensiuni133 x 198 x 32
Data Publicarii22/02/2018
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini247
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