Concepts of Advanced Zero Waste Tools

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Concepts of Advanced Zero Waste Tools is the first volume in the series, Advanced Zero Waste Tools: Present and Emerging Waste Management Practices. It addresses the fundamental principles of zero waste, which encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused, with the goal that no trash is sent to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. By promoting reuse and recycling, as well as prevention and product designs that consider the entire product life cycle, the zero waste philosophy advocates for sustainability and environmental management and protection. This book takes the first step toward addressing the tools needed to implement zero waste, both on a practical and conceptual scale.

Summarizing present and emerging zero waste tools on the scale of both experimental and theoretical models, Advanced Zero Waste Tools is the first step toward understanding the state-of-the-art in making the zero waste goal a reality. In addition to environmental and engineering principles, it also covers economic, toxicologic, and regulatory issues, making it an important resource for researchers, engineers, and policymakers working toward environmental sustainability.