Contemporary Clinical Psychology

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Enjoy a comprehensive and insightful perspective on advanced and foundational topics in clinical psychology with this newly updated resource

The newly revised 4th Edition of Contemporary Clinical Psychology delivers a comprehensive and engaging view of the science and practice of clinical psychology. From a variety of different perspectives and in numerous settings, the book presents a realistic survey of the field of clinical psychology, including its history, employment opportunities, significant theoretical underpinnings, practice instructions, and guidelines for how to conduct and interpret research in this rapidly evolving area.

Widely recognized author Thomas Plante includes information for specific topics, like the major theoretical models of clinical psychology, as well as general knowledge in this new edition that includes supplemental content like videos and interactive material that will increase student engagement and retention of the subject matter.

Alongside chapters on topics including how to conduct contemporary psychological assessments, how to implement psychotherapeutic interventions, and descriptions of consultative, teaching, and administrative roles, Contemporary Clinical Psychology, 4th Edition features:

A fully integrative, practical, biopsychosocial approach to upper-level clinical psychology subject matter Brand new and updated student and instructor resources directly integrated into the e-text Supplemental resources like video clips, interactive links, test banks, PowerPoint slides, and an Instructor's Manual Coverage of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5, the most recent testing instruments, and the latest research in evidence-based treatment practices How to conduct research in an era of open access and other changes in research publication Perfect for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in introduction to clinical psychology courses in both university psychology and counseling departments, Contemporary Clinical Psychology, 4th Edition also belongs on the bookshelves of students in free-standing schools of psychology offering PsyD and MA degrees.