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Dare to Matter: Lessons in Living a Large Life

Autor: Malka, Shifra

Disponibilitate: IN CURS DE PUBLICARE (se va livra din Marea Britanie in 1-4 saptamani de la data publicarii: 08/09/2020)


126,99 RON
This purpose-driven memoir, combined with powerful lessons for rebuilding individual mattering, will fuel your life in meaningful and miraculous ways. In response to the childhood messages that she – like the personality-disordered aunt she supposedly resembled – did not matter, Shifra Malka writes to the core of her struggle to recover her beaten spirit and to build the large life that matters to her. Addressing the question of what mattering means, of what makes our lives large and when is it enough, Shifra explores these themes through the prism of how the question personally played out in her relationships with her family, her Orthodox Jewish religion, and the American culture focused on appearance, food, and money. Compassionate and healing to those wounded by similar messages, and energizing for all who want to make their lives large and remarkable, Dare to Matter is an exquisite call to satisfACTION. In other words: Yourself, reimagined.

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AutorMalka, Shifra
EdituraGreen Writers Press
Dimensiuni228 x 6 x 152
Data Publicarii08/09/2020
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini340
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