Get it Together: 7 Principles for the Young and the Restless

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In the book, "Get it Together: 7 Principles for the Young and the Restless", I share wisdom, knowledge and brief case studies of several young adults that have experienced the struggles, pain, and fatigue of early "adulting", as a part of their personal and professional lives. These young adults have also found hope, wellness, and wholeness through the application of the exciting principles I share in the book, in addition to my coaching, mentoring, and spiritual support. My hope is that you too will purchase and benefit from the book. The seven principles are:Principle One: Education – Avoid StasisPrinciple Two: Career – Maximizing OptionsPrinciple Three: Health and Well-Being – Pursue WholenessPrinciple Four: Self-Esteem—Know Your Worth Principle Five: Relationship—Seek Wise CounselPrinciple Six: Spirituality—The Answer to it AllPrinciple Seven: Purpose – The Why of ItThe seven principles will help identify the gaps in your progression, and provide positive steps to help you close them. The book is meant to help you understand what I've found to be the most important components of getting it together and stabilizing your progress toward your life goals. Identifying your gaps and subsequently closing them will take dedication and hard work. As you begin to pursue different strategies, you may find that you need a little help from other sources like myself, doctors, or other nurturing parties... and that's okay! This process is all about gathering resources and getting the help you need to make your goals attainable, and about the faith and prayers that will see you through.In the book, "Get it Together: 7 Principles for the Young and the Restless", you'll learn all about my seven key principles and, as you begin to "get it together", you'll find yourself not only educated, but encouraged. After each Principle is discussed, you'll get the chance to see videos of young adults that have experienced the gaps I describe, and used my coaching around one or more of the Get it Together Principles to change their circumstances. These real-life testimonials will not only serve to validate the Get it Together Principles, but will also provide additional guidance based on the experiences of others just like you.