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God's Little Creatures

Disponibilitate: LIVRARE IN 3-5 SAPTAMANI (produsul este livrat din Marea Britanie)


56,99 RON este o LIBRARIE online de carte in limba engleza.
Have you ever wanted to be as bright as a firefly, as wise as an owl, or as brave as a lion? With God, all things are possible! There is so much to learn from God's animals, and He has created every one of them to teach us how to become more like Him.

In God's Little Creatures: A Children's Daily Devotional with Animal Facts to Help Teach God's Word, author Heather McCulloch explores the special gifts and talents that God gave each animal and how they can help you grow deeper in the Word of God. With fun facts and Bible verses along the way, this easy-to-understand devotional illustrates life lessons and spiritual truth from some of your favorite animals.

On this exciting journey through the animal kingdom, you'll discover how Jesus Christ can make you as beautiful as a butterfly and as safe and secure as a wolf in his pack. You'll even find out which animals will teach you what you should not do, like the chameleon, who blends in with the crowd.

Come along on an adventure as you learn more about the Bible and meet animals from all over the world, each with amazing traits that reveal the glory of God. Just like all of His little critters, God has created you with a unique design. You are one of His little creatures, and He loves you!

Heather McCulloch is a mother of three and an elementary school teacher, and she teaches the Kids 4 Christ group at her church. McCulloch has always dreamed of writing children's books, but she never knew that God would call her to write a devotional soon after the birth of her third child. "This book was truly a work of God," she says. "He just used my hands to write His words. I praise Him and thank Him for pushing me to use the gift He gave me." While writing God's Little Creatures, McCulloch knew that God had called her to use her talents to reach others for His glory. Her children love this devotional book and ask her to read it to them every night.

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Autor McCulloch, Heather
Editura Xulon Press
Dimensiuni 153 x 228 x 8
Data Publicarii 28/11/2019
Format Necartonata
Numar pagini 76
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