Havana Forever

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Havana has always been a dynamic city, and its unique architecture makes it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Until recently, the closed nature of contemporary Cuban society has frozen and preserved much of Havana's urban design and simultaneously prevented many visitors from experiencing its wide range of architectural influences, which cross-reference to create a stunning, unified "work of art." In this documentary-style history of old Havana, readers are invited to tour the city's buildings alongside its culture, people, plazas and parks, pedestrian environment, monuments, food, music, dance, colonial history, and iconic traditions, from cigars to the Tropicana Supper Club. Learn why Havana has the classic order, neighborhood balance, architectural elegance, and pedestrian harmony that urban planners long for, and discover the ways in which it is not just a city but a celebration of the Cuban way of life and its Creole roots.