Her Grace in Disgrace

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The Duke of Warwick is dead and Isobel, the young Duchess of Warwick, feels only relief. She is anxious to put the unhappy marriage behind her and embark on a new life.

But IsobelÔÇÖs dream to start anew takes a horrible turn as the will reveals the dukeÔÇÖs mistress is actually his lawfully wedded wife. In an instant, Isobel is demoted from duchess to plain Miss Kennilworth, tainted by scandal and shunned by society.

Can Isobel get past the disgrace and humiliation she has endured and fight her way back into society?

Will she find love again with her childhood sweetheart, Lord Saybrooke? Or perhaps she will rekindle a romance with Lord Westcott?

But, before Isobel can find true love, she must come to grips with her past mistakes and the people she has hurt along the way. She must discover who she is without the title of Duchess to her name.