Inspector Morimoto and the Sushi Chef

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The deductive powers of Inspector Morimoto and Officer Suzuki are pressed to the limit by the intriguing events that they encounter in their fourth case. A young factory worker is placed on trial for a series of cash machine robberies, and Sergeant Yamada is the first witness called by the Public Prosecutor as he quickly builds a compelling case under the austere gaze of Judge Noda and the experienced legal eye of Mr. Bando. And when Professor Shirane from the Osaka Science University provides testimony based upon his expertise in probability theory, the odds appear to be heavily stacked against the defendant. Back at the Police Headquarters, the Chief hires a consulting company to assess the competency of his police force, and he also becomes concerned about the overzealous forensic work of Dr. Jimbo. Morimoto and Suzuki are intent upon delaying their interview with the consultants for as long as possible, and they begin to dig a little deeper into the defendant's golf games and his penchant for soaking in hot spring baths. And as the Chief lands in some hot water of his own, Morimoto and Suzuki hatch a carefully crafted plan that raises eyebrows throughout the legal establishment.