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Level 4: The Time Machine

Autor: Wells, H. G.

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Classic / British English (Available February 2008)The Time Traveller has built a time machine and has gone into the future to the year 802,701. He expects to find a better world with highly-intelligent people and great inventions. Instead, he finds that people have become weak, child-like creatures. They dance and sing and wear flowers. They seem happy, but why are they so frightened of the dark? And who or what has taken his time machine? Will the Time Traveller ever be able to return to the present?

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AutorWells, H. G.
EdituraPearson Education Limited
Dimensiuni198 x 129 x 6
Data Publicarii26/02/2008
Editie2 ed
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini88
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