Long Summer Vacation

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The Long Summer Vacation is about a family who sets out on a vacation, but find themselves on an adventure of a lifetime. They take a boat to a little Island in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, but shortly after casting off, a storm catches them and flips the boat over, throwing the family from the boat. The storm not only hits the town they departed from but it caused the Manzor family to land in the hospital with near-death issues. During their hospital stay, they are all severely injured and end up in a dream.

They find themselves swimming to shore with no boat to be seen. They see a carnival behind the woods off shore. They meet up with strange creatures and get to a restaurant, where they each come across a rock that they can wish upon. The only one that doesn't believe in the rock is the father. Everyone in his family disappears except him. He has to figure out how to get his family back and how to get them home. Was all this a vision from the mother before going on the vacation, or did it all really happen?