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Oper Guidelines Postmortem Exam Auditing


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This manual aims to bring uniformity and a recognizable standard in medicolegal postmortem work in India. The text encourages and stimulates quality practice, service and teaching in the fields of forensic medicine and toxicology and allied sciences. Advisory in nature, the manual has futuristic outlook and application. The suggestions given are designed to act as trigger points to help the practitioner initiate working in the right direction so that he/she can work out the cases in the best possible manner. The chapters discussed are based on professional experience of the contributors, literature and available resources. The manual should find a good use in teaching and scientific work in developing guidelines, protocols and documents. The text should be of particular interest to the undergraduate and postgraduate students of medical sciences, forensic medicine and toxicology, as well as all those in practice responsible for conducting postmortem examinations and review. In view of the directions and the suggestions given, the manual is likely to be of deep interest to advocates, law officers, police personnel, judicial officers as well as judges presiding over criminal courts.

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EdituraCBS Publishers & Distributors
Dimensiuni226 x 309 x 21
Data Publicarii31/01/2015
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