order of the dragon

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Syria, 2016. US Air Force drones, flying reconnaissance, discover an entire battalion of enemy fighters massacred in unthinkably gruesome ways by combatants unknown. A helicopter is scrambled to search the area, and soon John Kelly, a volunteer with the Kurdish resistance, is waking up on board the USS Defiant . . . screaming. During his debriefing by military personnel, he recounts a harrowing story of the bizarre, often inexplicable, events which led him to the kill zone, where, miraculously, his life was saved by a mysterious stranger . . . but what really happened out in the desert? Could John Kelly's troubled past and bloody battle traumas have somehow turned him into an unwitting killer? Or is the truth darker still? Could his testimony, as unbelievable as it seems, actually be true - that an ancient supernatural force is at work in modern Syria?
Who . . . or what is really hunting Daesh?