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Principles Child Care


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This book is a guide to every family for "maternal nutrition and child care" to train for hygienic methods, balanced nutrition, and weight gain in pregnancy, baby care, and simple approach to detect growth and development failure. It is prepared on national and international research experiences to provide evidence-based knowledge. Every attempt has been made to explain breastfeeding, composition and its importance for baby. Infant weaning, type of food, how to choose, prepare and feeding utensils cleaning and sterilization in pressure cooker are discussed at length. Dietary requirements in childhood to adolescence are well explained. Growth and development monitoring of baby by using growth charts and milestones for age is lucidly described. Chapters 5 and 9 teach us "essentials of baby care", including baby bath, dress and how to maintain desired level of hygiene. We also learn about baby's pattern for sleep, defecation, physiological jaundice and causes of crying in early life. Early breastfeeding to avoid hypoglycemia is stressed. Immunizations, the essential vaccines and optional priorities are discussed. The book will guide everyone caring for the pregnant-lactating women and their offspring, i.e. parents, pediatricians, child-care givers, nursing/ home science students, and school teachers.

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EdituraCBS Publishers & Distributors
Dimensiuni214 x 139 x 10
Data Publicarii28/02/2015
FormatPaperback / softback
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