Serendipity Mindset

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What if luck was a skill that you could master? The Serendipity Mindset reveals how to turn unexpected encounters into good opportunities.

The way in which our lives unfold can be the result of an obscure, chaotic element. Blind luck rules whether we are born in a modest or wealthy household, meet a good partner, or end up in our profession of choice. But what if there was a way to create another kind of luck?

Dr Christian Busch has spent over a decade exploring the power of smart luck, or serendipity - the phenomenon in which chance interactions turn into positive outcomes. Drawing on social experiments and his own research, he creates a joyful roadmap to reclaiming chaos. Busch narrates memorable stories of incidental inventions and accidental business ventures such as the Post-it note and penicillin, as well as memorable romantic encounters and his journey as a troubled teen turned leading academic.

The Serendipity Mindset offers an innovative perspective on how success and happiness come to exist. In six simple steps, it will open your mind up to how creating and nurturing good opportunities can change your life.