Shift Of Fear

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Jessica is going to take charge of her life! If Peter doesn't ask her out soon, she will ask him. Peter and Jessica are starting their lives together as a couple. When life gets hard for Jessica, she does what she knows to do. Working on her laptop is stress-free for her and she's away from reality and the trouble that haunts her in her dreams and real life. Peter and Jessica come to this crossroads in their lives. Someone from their past has unfinished business with Jessica. As the police try to figure out who this man is, it causes them to scramble for family and loved ones to stay near and close to one another. Joh thinks he has his game wrapped up all neat, until Jessica fights for everything she believes in and everything she stands for. Peter invites friends and family over for a party and all hell breaks loose. Jessica and her friend have a choice to make: to give up or to fight for their lives.