Song of Es-Soh-En

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It began when Tanya dove into the ocean and disappeared. When David dives in to rescue her, he discovers that the water has transformed into the Golden Mist that forms the doorway into the Lands of the Adoni. Unlike his previous visit, David finds himself hovering in empty space rather than entering the Lands. Suddenly, a single note, so pure and powerful, erupts in the darkness and the Song of Creation has begun. As David hangs in space, he watches the Lands of the Adoni being sung into existence. This is the third visit to the Lands of the Adoni for David and Tanya. This time when they arrive, it is at the Creation of the Lands of the Adoni, and they are present at the Creation of the First Father and First Mother. What begins as an overwhelming experience of joy, transforms into a terrifying nightmare. Betrayed by the inhabitants who were their subjects, now the First Father and Mother must trust the Children of Earth and the unicorns to save them and their unborn child, as the Dark Lord seeks to steal everything, including their lives. Dennis Knotts lives in Riverside County, California, with his wife Beverly and daughter Shalom. Publisher's website: http: //