Tales from the Crypt #2

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Edited by comics legend Larry Hama!

Meet “Etienne the Strangler.” In medieval France, he’s the massive brute that serves as the town’s executioner. But what happens when he becomes out of control? Who executes the executioner?

When Alice accidentally bumps a person in front of an oncoming subway train, she thinks she'll get away with it, until she has to answer to “The Ghost in the Closet.”

In a Conan-like tale of sword-and-sorcery, “Baku the Reaper” plots to gain his freedom from his captor and make off with some stolen treasures as well.

In “Omniphage,” young parents must deal how large this baby is growing. He is getting bigger and bigger all the time. He's eating entire cows whole. A mathematician figures out that the growth is exponential.

Plus: several more to keep you up nights!