Very Clumsy Elf

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Elvis is a young elf who has just graduated from Elf school at the North Pole. He is so excited that he will now be able to work in Santa’s workshop that he can barely contain himself.

His first day doesn’t go too well, then his second day turns out worse.

The rest of the week is no better, but Elvis still goes to work with a smile on his face. And when he arrives on Friday to find that he will be working in the reindeer stables, you might worry about what will happen.

In the reindeer stables, he meets a very special reindeer who is getting ready for Santa’s big night. But will Elvis overcome his clumsiness, or will it be another disaster?

The Very Clumsy Elf is a delightful children’s tale for Christmas. A perfect bedtime read they will love to hear again and again.