You Eat Your Own Heart

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Descriere RO

Janet Noone is a 32-year-old virgin whose life has been one disappointment after another. Then, a bank error drops $28,000 into her lap. She takes the money and heads to Scotland determined to find adventure and love. Unfortunately, even this adventure seems to be falling flat. Frustrated, she goes for a walk and falls into an underground valley. In that enchanted and cursed place, she meets two brothers---Dante and Oscar---who take her innocence and make her their willing toy. Oscar is a gentle and tender lover. Dante is brutal and vicious with an enchanted touch that makes Janet beg for his cruelties. It looks like Janet has finally found happiness, but then, the men begin to change and her happy ending is in danger of becoming a nightmare. Will she find the strength to master her lovers and regain her happiness or will she be forced to return to the outside world and her solitary life?