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An important discovery is made that will change the way mankind believes and thinks. Learn we are not alone here. Ever-Life is at hand: A world of subterranean creatures within inner Earth, existing symbiotically with a selective few on surface Earth. Travel to the future through the mysteries of the Sidron, to a place of Knofers, Carriers, clones, and undiscovered places of technological and medical advancements, where characters can step into the future and change the past.

This is new classic soft science fiction with a twist...A fantasy thriller story of tomorrow that starts today. A medical discovery breakthrough, CPT- (Chemical Personality Transfer), changes everything. Mystery, greed, love, murder, ALLENFAR is alive...A story to open your mind to an ever-changing planet and the surrounding cosmos, to be explored, fought for, and understood. Harmonies must be established for all life on Earth and beyond to prevail.

Many authors write books to tell a story they imagine. But, what if someone writes a true story that hasn't happened yet?

Prepare to be puzzled and engaged.