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Angular JS in Action

Autor: Ford, Brian; Ruebbelke, Lukas

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AngularJS is an innovative web framework from Google that extends the HTML vocabulary so you can create dynamic, interactive web applications in the same way you create standard static HTML pages. Out of the box, Angular provides most of the functionality you'll need for basic apps, but you won't want to stop there. Because it's smart and intuitive, Angular practically begs you to build more interesting apps. It's easy to customize and extend, and it's designed to be readable and testable.

AngularJS in Action covers everything you need to know to get started with the AngularJS framework. As you read, you'll explore all the individual components of the framework and learn how to customize and extend them. You'll discover the emerging patterns for web application architecture and tackle required tasks like communicating with a web server back-end. Along the way, you'll see AngularJS in action by building real world applications with thoroughly-commented code.

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AutorFord, Brian; Ruebbelke, Lukas
EdituraManning Publications
Dimensiuni188 x 234 x 15
Data Publicarii30/10/2014
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini325
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Recenzati:Angular JS in Action
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