Applied Swarm Intelligence

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This book offers a comprehensive analysis of the variety of tools and techniques used today for the design and modeling of efficient and robust swarm-intelligence based systems: highly (or fully) decentralized, semi-autonomous, highly-scalable infrastructures in various real-life scenarios. Among others, the book reviews the use of the swarm intelligence paradigm in financial investment, blockchain protocols design, shared transportation systems, communication networks, and military applications. Theoretical and practical limitations of such systems are discussed, as well as trade-offs between the various economic and operational parameters of the systems. The book is intended for researchers and engineers in the fields of swarms systems, economics and operation research.

Key Features - Explains, in a detailed and clear way, the mathematical principles behind swarm intelligence - Illustrates how swarm intelligence can be used in real-world systems - Reviews leading state-of-the-art approaches in the design and modeling of swarm systems today