Around the World in Several Ways

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For most of us, the desire to travel and see the world is a natural aspiration and for those of us who can, it is an amazing experience. In the early stages of our marriage, my wife and I enjoyed several holidays with family and friends in Europe. It was when the spectre of cancer affected us both that we became more ambitious, more adventurous and determined to see as much of the world as possible whilst we still had time. For the past twenty-plus years or so, we have done just that. We have camped, cruised around the world, yachted, been on road trips, coached, skied, fly-driven and owned a house in Florida for eleven years. This is an account of our experiences full of facts and details, some funny and some serious, with dangerous encounters and amusing and irritating experiences when letting out our house in Florida. We have seen the iconic buildings of the great civilizations, the world’s great waterfalls, spent time with the Borneo headhunters, canoed part of the Amazon, encountered polar bears, a leopard carrying her cub, armed escort in Yemen, intrigue in China and interviewed Debbie Reynolds in Las Vegas. Furthermore, we’ve experienced being trapped by a hurricane in Florida, Olympic Games in Australia, death on a plane, suicide on a ship, terrifying gang fight in Kuala Lumpur, car crash in Florida, five road trips around America and much more!