Art for War

Autor: Via, Da

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During the ancient Chinese Zhou Dynasty, tremendous progress was made in methods of mass social control. The Silk-Cotton Road was a two-way street and the ‘furnace of imperial liquid gold’. Yet barbarian bandits and kings constantly disrupted the smooth flow of revenue, and so a tax was set atop the unknowing heads of the barbarians by ancient books sent out to the west by imperial decree, with the objective of pacifying barbarians by cutting off the branches to higher levels of understanding, and thereby psychological warfare was invented and this they called the disease.

These books influenced the writing of the founding books of western civilisation in a manner that few ever know or understand to this day. For during the Qin Dynasty, the original ancient meanings of calligraphy were changed and thereby hidden, and it became punishable by death ever to discuss them again.

For what was hidden are the keys to a higher level of understanding for all humanity – and this is the great oriental ancient mystery that was then to be used in an ancient warfare by media that continues to this day.