Art of Life

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Will Roberts, a small river community newspaper writer, is always looking for a story. On a sunny day while attending his daughter's T-ball game, he meets an unusual man that will soon prove to be a true test of his character. Will has a wonderful wife and two loving daughters and they often provide the inspiration for many of his articles. Will's wife is the love of his life, his proof reader, and conscience.
Mike, this most unique man, along with his very enchanting wife, introduces Will to a whole new world of artistic awareness. This amazing woman is a true old-world artist. Her mystic methods of painting provide an overwhelming experience that is very mesmerizing and seductive. Her art work soon becomes the most important driving force in Will's existence.
This small-town writer soon discovers he cannot possibly understand or cope with the extraordinary forces of the art work. The farther he pulls away, the stronger and more aggressively he gets drawn back to the art studio. Finally Will has to break off the relationship and the entire experience.
Then with a devastating blow to his family he realizes the only hope that he has to save his youngest daughter's life will be to embrace the artistry and the timeless couple whom he has rejected.