Bear Cat Cat Bear

Autor: Dampney, H.

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Descriere RO

In the land of Laipen, a red panda (or cat bear) and a binturong (or bear cat) meet one another as they roam around in their solitary lives. They become friends fast and go on an adventure together, in which they discover that it is their differences that complement one another.

One is an excitable kitty bear extraordinaire who is as cute as cute can be. The other is a slow-living crepuscular fellow who appears quite shabby but possesses a certain grace.

They leap and pounce, roll and bounce, jump up and down, then scamper around on their journey in which they discover the meaning of friendship.

The red panda and binturongÔÇÖs natural habitats meet in the east of Nepal, Assam in India, Bhutan and the northern mountains of Myanmar (Burma). If you go and look very carefully, you may well find them there, quietly living their lives.