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Autor: Backman, Fredrik

Disponibilitate: Livrare in 2-4 saptamani (nu se afla in stoc, dar poate fi adus de la furnizorii nostri in 2-4 saptamani)

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In a large Swedish forest Beartown hides a dark secret . . .Cut-off from everywhere else it experiences the kind of isolation that tears people apart. And each year more and more of the town is swallowed by the forest. Then the town is offered a bright new future.But it is all put in jeopardy by a single, brutal act. It divides the town into those who think it should be hushed up and forgotten, and those who'll risk the future to see justice done. Who will speak up?Could you stand by and stay silent?Or would you risk everything for justice?Which side would you be on?'Surrounded by impenetrable forests, Beartown recreates the stifling atmosphere of a dying community.A mature, compassionate novel' Sunday Times 'You'll love this engrossing novel' People'Backman is a masterful writer' Kirkus Review

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AutorBackman, Fredrik
EdituraPenguin Books Ltd
Dimensiuni131 x 196 x 36
Data Publicarii31/01/2018
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini496
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