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Beyond Einstein


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Beginning with Einstein's general theory of relativity (GRT), the twentieth century witnessed a series of dramatic developments in physics that exerted a strong impact on the development of modern differential geometry. In conjunction, geometers introduced numerous innovations adapted to or designed for solving problems that arose from space-time physics. Meanwhile, in close collaboration with mathematicians and physicists, astronomers began to reflect on the consequences of GRT for their discipline as well as for modern cosmology.

Beyond Einstein: Perspectives on Geometry, Gravitation, and Cosmology explores the rich interplay between mathematical and physical ideas by studying the interactions of major actors and the roles of important research communities over the course of the last century.

Contributors: A. Ashtekar, J. Earman, J. Ehlers, J. Eisenstaedt, H.J. Fahr, A. Franklin, J. Frauendiener, H. Goenner, D. Kennefick, S. Klainerman, H. Kragh, D. O'Shea, R. Penrose, J. Ritter, T. Sauer, E. Scholz, C. Smeenk, J. Stachel, N. Straumann, R. Wald, S. Walter, C. Will.

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Data Publicarii19/06/2018
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