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Blood Water Paint

Autor: McCullough, Joy

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Her mother died when she was twelve, and suddenly Artemisia Gentileschi had a stark choice: a life as a nun in a convent or a life grinding pigment for her father's paint. She chose paint. By the time she was seventeen, Artemisia did more than grind pigment.

She was one of Rome's most talented painters, even if no one knew her name. But Rome in 1610 was a city where men took what they wanted from women, and in the aftermath of rape Artemisia faced another terrible choice: a life of silence or a life of truth, no matter the cost. He will not consume my every thought.

I am a painter. I will paint. I will show you what a woman can do.

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AutorMcCullough, Joy
EdituraPenguin Putnam Inc
Dimensiuni142 x 209 x 23
Data Publicarii25/02/2019
FormatPaperback / softback
Numar pagini304
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