Boston History for Kids

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Few American cities are as steeped in history as Boston. Starting with its Native American and Puritan roots, through its pivotal role in the Revolutionary War and its many contributions to art and literature, Boston has earned its reputation as a modern, cultural metropolis. This mix of old and new makes Boston a fascinating place to learn about and explore.

Boston History for Kids spans 400 years of history, covering many of the major events that have occurred, from witch hunts to an unexpected earthquake, from the Tea Party to the Great Fire, from the Civil War to the Boston Marathon attack. Author Richard Panchyk chronicles the lives of Bostonians both famous and infamousÔÇöand many colorful characters that readers may not yet know.

This lively history also includes a time line, a list of online resources, and 21 engaging hands-on activities to better appreciate this Massachusetts city. Kids will:
Take a tour along the Freedom Trail

Write a poem in the style of Ralph Waldo Emerson
Create a nautical chart like those of Boston Harbor
Bake a Boston cream pie

Design a museum display of historic items
Draw the facade of a Federal style mansion

And more!