Building a Learning Organization

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To compete in today's business world, companies need to be learning organizations. This means not only ensuring that staff have the correct knowledge and skills to meet business goals, but also that the business has an awareness of new products, services and processes in the external business environment and learns what impact these will have on their company. Building a Learning Organization is a practical guide for learning and development (L&D) professionals to help them move beyond delivering training to embedding learning at every level of the business. It covers what it means to be a learning organization, what learning organizations do differently, how to become one and most importantly, how to stay one.

Building a Learning Organization includes in-depth coverage of models of organizational learning and guidance on how to capture and transfer learning to ensure company growth and competitive advantage. Packed with case studies from global learning organizations including Google, Facebook, NHS, Fujitsu and Qantas, L&D professionals will understand what really works and how they can apply this in their own organizations.