Cedar Lane

Autor: Turner, Jan

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Descriere RO

“Fate comes calling to everyone, in some shape or form, and there’s no escaping it when it does. In a split second, one can make a single decision that can change a person’s life forever. Whether that change is for good or evil, well, let’s just say, that’s for fate to decide.”

It’s the early 1980s in England and in a small borough of Lancashire, a serial killer is stalking and killing young girls. Brian Middleton is a cold, calculated psychopath. He drives around the local towns, patiently waiting for fate to show him his next victim. The thrill of the chase is almost as intoxicating as the kill for Brian. The police have no bodies to identify and no evidence surrounding the missing girls and Brian’s urge to kill is heightening with every ritual slaughter. Fate intervenes when Beth Cotton, an 18-year-old teenager, comes face to face with evil. A battle commences where Beth finds herself fighting for time, and the very preservation of her own soul, whilst pursuing justice for the dead girls. With the help of a psychic named Harry and a family ghost from the past, the unlikely trio embark upon a dangerous quest of defeating supernatural forces and catching the killer.